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  • Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter
  • Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
  • Microbac Candle Filter
  • Tubular Centrifuge
  • Horizontal Closed Plate Filter (Sparkler Filter)
  • Single and Multi Bag Filter
  • Self Cleaning Filter
  • Vibro Screens
  • Filter Elements

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

SAP Pressure Leaf Filter is the product of most modern proven technology. This Filter is used extensively in various industries all over the world. The traditional Filter being used in Indian Industry is the bulky plate and frame type Filter which has high frequency of replacement of filter cloth, requires large manpower for handling, results in dead losses and makes the complete process house messy and dirty. The Pressure Leaf Filter is the most simple, economical and efficient in operation, does not need any cloth, and manpower for operation and being an enclosed systems, keeps the Process House Clean.

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Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

For filtration of liquid with higher solid content in edible oil, chemical food and pharmaceutical industry.

Areas up to 200M² with dry or wet cake discharge. Opening and closing of filter by hydraulically operated bayonet clamp ring. Shell or bundle retraction.


  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Agrochemical Industry
  • Speciality Chemicals, fine chemicals Industry

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Microbac Candle Filter

SAP make Microbac Candle Filter provides pressure filtration as well as heel filtration in an enclosed and pressure tight housing. The filter media can be any type of cloth with clean removal efficiency in the 1-5 micron range. As the cake builds up on the candles the efficiency improves to less than 1 micron. Cake discharge via back washing or blow back by gas. After discharge , the cycle begins again.


  • Filtration of hazardous liquids
  • All types of polishing filtration

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Tubular Centrifuge


  • Continuous separation of two immiscible liquids
  • Clarification of meagre content of impurities in form of dirt, biomass from liquids


  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Paint Industries
  • Chemical & Food Industries

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Horizontal Closed Plate Filter (Sparkler Filter)


  • Sparkling effect.
  • Number of filter media available.
  • Wide range of models available in different capacity.
  • Polypropylene Filters for corrosive application.


  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries

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Single and Multi Bag Filter

Single or multibag Polishing filter are basically used for post primary filtration. The basket are fitted with quick opening type arrangement, Filter bags used are in Polyster, Polypropylene, Ryton, Nylon & other special material depending on the process compatibility.

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Self Cleaning Filter

Basically on line filter to reduced any load. Self cleaning continuous separation of solids from liquids.


  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Resin Filtration
  • Miscella Filtration

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Vibro Screens

SAP is leading manufacturer & supplier of Vibro Screen. It consists a circular gyratory screens used to separate solids from solids, liquids from solid and for gradation of materials. It is designed in such a way that multi plane vibration is achieved using a specially designed vibrating motor. Being precision engineered & sturdy in construction, these Vibros are also helpful in separating mass composition of solids; liquid from solid & for gradation of materials as per particle sizes.

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Filter Elements

SAP manufactures wide range of filter elements for Vertical and Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter for any sizes. Elements are constructed in 5 layer design, riveted or bolted as per the requirement.

Filter elements can also be enveloped with suitable filter cloth for specific requirements.

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Welcome to SAP Family

Since its inception in 1995, SAP Filter Pvt Ltd is counted among the reputed engineering company engaged in manufacturing and exporting of widespread range of filtration equipments. It has rich experience in providing solutions to the industry.

Our whole spectrum of the products has gained trust with a blend of quality and durability in the industry.

SAP has endeavored to produce Filters and render services striking a balance of quality,timelines and economy.

SAP is catering to comprehensive sector of industry like edible oil, chemicals, API, pharmaceutical, fertilizers, paints, lubricants, flavors and fragrances.

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Why Us?

With an industry experience of 23 years, we have been able to win the trust and support of our clients that has helped us in maintaining a positive brand image.

Some of the factors that make us the popular choice among our clients are:

  • Quality Products
  • Liquid Filtration under single roof
  • Technical Expertise
  • Customized Solutions
  • Large Scale Production Facility
  • Maintaining Timelines
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