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Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter
For filtration of liquids with solid content up to 5 to 7 % in edible oil, chemical, food & pharmaceutical industry.
Areas up to 100 M2 with dry or wet cake discharge.
  • Edible Oil Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Chemical & Food Industries.
SAP Pressure Leaf Filter is the product of most modern proven technology. This type of Filter is being used extensively in vegetable Oil Industries all over the world. The Traditional Filter being used in Indian Vegetable Oil Industry is the bulky plate & frame type Filter which consumes lot of Filter cloth, requires large manpower for handling, results in dead losses and makes the complete Process House messy and dirty. The pressure Leaf Filter is the most Simple, economical and efficient in operation, does not need any cloth, and manpower for operation and being a closed systems, keeps the Process House Clean.
SAP Leaf Filter is vertical Tank in which filter leaves are vertically mounted on a common pipe manifold for carrying filtered Oil. The filter leaves, which are stainless steel wire cloth mounted on S.S. frame, filter on both sides thus providing a large filter area in a relatively small vessels. To facilitate the discharge of cake, large size bottom outlet valve is provided. The filter is equipped with Pneumatic vibrator for cake discharge.
Special Features :
  • No Cloth
  • Saving in labour charges
  • No moving parts
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • No loss of oil in filter clothes
  • Easy in operation
  • Simple & Sturdy Construction
  • Completely closed system
  • Saving in space requirement & structural cost
  • No mess in cake discharge
  • No wastage of steam in cake drying operation
  • Totally indigenous
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